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Chance For Change Program
As we stated before, despite it being a popular resorts island nation, it is a typical third world nation. Jamaica has under gone some improvement since its independence in 1962, but there is still great needs in this highly populated island. It is our hearts desire and vision to be able to help the Jamaicans in four basic areas: food, clothing, housing, and education. As you read the following descriptions, we ask that you give prayerful consideration to contributing toward these endeavors. If you desire to contribute clothing or finances, do so through the US contact that you can find on the "contact us" page. Please prayerfully consider becoming a "Covenant" Partner by contributing $10, $20, $50 or even a $100.00 per month. Mark checks "for Jamaica". Or click this secure donate button and follow instructions.


      Many Jamaican families average weekly income is about $75 US dollars. Thus food for a family is limited.
      Many families get one meal a day mostly consisting of rice and peas, yams, and what ever fruit is in 
     season. They may get some meat for Sunday dinner. Farming is done, but it is limited and cost for local
     grown food is expensive. Majority of food is imported, thus also expensive. We desire to keep a basic
     supply of food such as rice, canned items, etc. for those that come to us asking for help. In the photo is
     one of our church members bagging rice for families for our annual Christmas blessing program.


      This is limited also. Jamaicans will wear the same clothing for years even if they outgrow them. The
      children mostly wear "hand-me-downs". New or extra clothing is a rarity. Majority of clothing they
      acquire usually comes from donations from foreign sources. There are sewing shops, but cloth is 
      imported and expensive. Many of the children go bare-footed, but this can be harmful because of the 
      rocky, dirty, garbage laden streets and paths.  Please contribute good clothing, not junk or rags.   
      Clothing donations are to be done through Spoken Word Outreach Ministries (see "contact us"
 page) Telephone to find out delivery instructions.


      This photo is typical of many Jamaican homes. An entire family, anywhere from six to twelve people, will live in
      a by BetterBrain"> one room plywood and tin roof house  usually on leased or squatters land. There are housing 
      schemes that offer land at a minimum of 7,000 US dollars. There is financing available through the government
      with 700 deposit requirement. The cost of constructing this type of home is $3,000 US(3,500 for an additional 
      outhouse). Right now we have three families in our church that need help with building a home of their
      own or improving run down homes. Ministry teams are encouraged to come here to help with construction,
      additions and repairs. It takes about a week to construct a home WITH THE HELP OF A "TEAM".


    For many families it is a struggle to pay for the education of their children. They have to pay for their books and
their uniforms, lunch, transportation. It cost about $25 USD a month. It is typical that children will start school
    several weeks late until the money comes in.. Every August and September families
    come to us asking for help to pay for school expenses.  We desire to keep on hand money available to
    distribute to those families that need financial assistance each school year. Pictured is Ms. Norma and Children
    who received some money for her children to start school donated by Patricia by BetterBrain"> Gamble and family of Pastor
    Jeanette Harley's church "Family Worship Center" of Yemasse, South Carolina.