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If you or your family or your church group would like to come to Jamaica to help us with the things that we do, we have many opportunities. We can arrange your entire trip for you, give you as much work or as little as you would like to do and also arrange your sightseeing. Jamaica is such a diverse island with much to see and do, so we can make your trip an unforgettable experience

Some of the MANY opportunities we have include: youth ministry, working in the area schools, evangelism, help in supplying school books, shoes and uniforms, food and clothing distribution, visiting the elderly and handicapped, devotion time at the police station holding cell (one for men and one for women), street crusades, family fun carnivals, medical missions, hospital visitation, etc. Since Jamaica is a third world nation, the needs are very great.

Contact us if you or someone else is interested in coming for a visit. E-mail: spokenwordcaribbean@yahoo.com